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The Sunflower Women’s Centre (originally known as the Sunflower Recovery Project) is a women’s only outreach centre set up by Trevi House in partnership with Longreach in 2016. 

Sunflower is a trauma-informed women’s wellbeing hub, providing opportunities for any woman who has support needs.  Using a whole-system-approach, women receive support in addressing and resolving substance abuse, childhood trauma, criminogenic behaviours, domestic violence or poor mental health. We offer a range of therapeutic activities, accredited programmes and practical support in a safe, nurturing, substance-free and valuing space for women to move from their pasts, develop their skills, regain their self-worth and go on to flourish and thrive.

Located near the University of Plymouth, the Centre offers women the following therapeutic accredited programmes:

Making Connections: Therapeutic Arts and Crafts

#Survive!: Recovery support

#WarriorWomen!: Building resilience and strength

#PowerParenting!: Caring and respecting yourself to build a healthy relationship with your child

#Nourish!: Nutrition and respecting your body through healthy food

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Stress and Stress Management Techniques

Body Image and the Media


The Sunflower Women’s Centre also hosts partner agencies on site, providing:

Freedom Programme, Harbour

Maths and English, YMCA

Re:vive, Shekinah

Assistance with finances and debt support, Money Advice South West

Employment support, PLUSS


Individual support on site includes:


Assistance with rehousing and accommodation

Parenting and access to childcare

Connecting with the community

Arts and crafts 



Sunflower aspires to be a stepping stone to independence and full-living. It offers women a space to breath, belong and gain skills, confidence and self-care to move on in their lives.

The Sunflower Recovery project was originally funded by a grant from the Big Lottery Fund.  After being coordinated from a local Baptist church, the project moved into its own premises in January 2018 on Mutley Plain.  Since then, the Sunflower Women’s centre has broadened its remit to offer support and services to all women in the city.  


“After finishing rehab at Trevi I knew that I never wanted to take my baby back to where we came from.  Without Sunflower, I would not have had the courage to relocate – the support from Sunflower made this possible.”

“I have found Sunflower a great positive force that has helped me though some hard times.”

“Sunflower brings women in together; it’s a safe, supportive environment with warm and welcoming staff who have helped support me in relocating to get away from my ex.”

To find out more about registering with Sunflower or helping to support, contact Laura Fraser-Crewes (Strategic Lead) on laura(at)sunflowerrecovery.org or call 01752 977614.