Trevi House, the substance misuse charity for women and their children, announced today a new patron, Dr.h.c. Jenny Molloy, during an event at the House of Lords. 

Dr.h.c. Molloy is the author of Hackney Child - an honest, first-hand account of a childhood spent in the Care system.  In 1983, after fleeing to the police station, aged 9, for protection, Jenny was taken into care.  Jenny’s story is one of emotional and physical survival and one which shows with the right help, the least fortunate children can recover and thrive.  Nowadays, Jenny is also an adviser and trainer for looked after children and care leavers.  

Trevi House is a substance misuse charity based in Devon.  It runs a women’s only residential rehabilitation centre and can house up to 10 women and their children at any given time – it’s the only women’s centre where women can keep their children through rehab.  It also runs an outreach project, the Sunflower Women’s Centre, for women in recovery.  This year, the charity proudly celebrates 25 years of operation - in that time, it has supported hundreds of women and their children, helping mums become substance free for good and to be the best mums they can be.

Trevi House approached Dr.h.c Jenny Molloy about becoming a patron earlier this year following successive meetings where Jenny offered her help and support to the charity.  She kindly accepted.

Dr.h.c. Molloy states: “I fell in love with the miracles that happen at Trevi House instantly. I myself have had the painful life experience of having both parents who were lifelong addicts. I had no faith that parents who had lost their children through their addiction could change their lives so radically that in fact they would become full time mothers again. Mothers are also women with the right to be forgiven. I have found forgiveness for my parents, helped greatly by the inspiring life changing work that happens within Trevi House. It is one of a kind, and should be available to all mothers, kindly, lovingly and safely for the chance of redemption.” 

Sadly, addiction among mothers is a growing problem in the UK with 1 out of 20 pregnant women addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Many mothers have been the subject of domestic abuse.  A child is taken into care every 16 minutes, with two thirds of cases linked to parental substance misuse.  Children’s care is in crisis with a record number of children in care.

Trevi House has reached a critical time and has been working hard to raise awareness of its work and success rate through giving every woman a chance to get clean and to keep her child – 65% of women doing so successfully.

Trevi House CEO, Hannah Shead, states: “It’s an exciting time with Jenny on board.  She has already made a huge difference behind the scenes over the past few months, opening doors to key stakeholders in the field, helping to get the Trevi name out there through her networks and enabling some of our team and the women we support to speak at national conferences.  We have loved working every minute with Jenny so far - she is a dream to work with and we are over the moon that she has accepted the position as our patron.”

Trevi House was at the House of Lords today to attend an event hosted by Baroness Morgan, the Vice Chair of Frontline.  Trevi House has worked closely with Frontline this year and was proud to attend and speak at a recent Frontline conference, helping to raise awareness of the charity’s work and giving social workers the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from some of the women it helps.

Also attending the House of Lords today were four Peer Mentors who have previously been through the programme at Trevi House. Hannah, Vicky, Sheryl and Helen were part of a training programme over the summer for social workers and used their experience to improve practice.  


They said: “We are living proof that with the right help and support anything is possible. More women should get the chance to be mothers and we hope today we can get that message out there”.


You can find out more about Trevi House and its work at

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Pictured from left to right Dr.h.c. Jenny Molloy and Hannah Shead, CEO of Trevi House