A charity race to raise money, we all agreed to run,

The more people that ran, the more money we hoped to raise,

To support recovery in parents; we spread the word and counted down the days…..


The sun was shining and both staff and residents came to donate,

Volunteers, students, staff and residents were ready at the gate,

Some were more fit, some not well; as we arrived, the manager cruised the finish line,

C’mon girlies, let’s try; though a relaxing brisk walk, we did just fine…


It was our pledge to increase the support for families to succeed,

Raising awareness, and promoting health and well being, we did a good deed,

So if you come across this blog and feel inspired to help us some more,

Trevi would welcome the support, it’s future generations we provide for…

Thank you to Hilary for her constant consideration and thoughts for each family at Trevi House.