“I moved out of home at 16 and began using crack. I was soon shoplifting daily to pay for it and sleeping with dealers to fund it.

I had 4 babies in 4 years. I was making bad choices of friends and boyfriends; I suffered domestic violence for a few years and then moved away from the area.

I lost my children in May 2011.

I was devastated and I felt I had to use more and drink more to keep it out of my head. I was now pregnant with baby number 5.

It got to Christmas 2011, and I had a massive binge for a few days. I woke up on Boxing Day and I sat silent for days scared that I had killed my baby. I took myself to hospital and told them I had not felt the baby move. They took me for a scan and thanks be to God my baby boy was active and well.

I decided from that moment right there that crack and alcohol had taken enough from me. I decided I was going to fight hard and keep my baby and get my children back.

I found Trevi and spoke to my drug worker who arranged a visit. I felt like I was at home in Trevi, and me and my boy went there 4 months later.

It was not easy, but after a lot of hard work and staying focused on what I was doing there and looking at my baby, I stayed strong and got through it.

Since leaving, I have got my eldest son back from my mum. I have done driving lessons and passed. I have had a job doing care work and I’m hoping to get my other kids back soon”.