I come in every Thursday afternoon to the stay and play session to do singing and dancing with the children and mums. We have lots of fun with the pom poms, instruments, puppets, streamers, scarves, bean bags, parachute and bubbles! I always love coming in to do the sessions, it’s always great to see the children laughing and dancing with their mums. Music and dance is a positive way to boost early numeracy, literacy and language skills as well as builds confidence, social skills and coordination and balance. When I come in to Trevi I am always greeted with lots of smiles and friendly residents and staff. Trevi offers a non judgemental, empathic, calm and structured environment for the families. As well as it being great to see the positive and supportive relationships between the staff residents and children, every time I come to the nursery there’s always some new adventures and activities the children have been doing that week on the wall, photos of fun days out, artwork, games and sticker charts. Thank you for having Music Makers come along to your group, it’s an absolute pleasure coming in to see everyone.

See you on Thursday!

Rebecca, Music Makers.