In early 2012;  following two decades of chaotic behaviour, dysfunctional relationships, social isolation, a failed career and two older children in long term foster care, I began to consider the option of  specialist residential treatment for myself and my third baby who was then four months old.

Trevi seemed to offer me the opportunity to deal with my addiction and all its associated life problems in a safe environment where I could remain with my beloved child.

The admission process was thorough and friendly and staff were more than happy to talk to me on the phone regularly to update me on the date for my admission. 

Whilst at Trevi, I was able to concentrate on dealing with the issues that had led to my past behaviours whilst staff supported my parenting.

I was treated as an individual and was always involved in planning care for my child and myself.

Staff supported me to gradually reduce and then stop my prescribed antidepressants and facilitated mediation sessions for me to discuss arrangements for my child with my son’s father.

They also attended social services meetings in my hometown with me in order to support me in speaking up for myself.

All my years of substance abuse had eroded my ability to participate in social activities.  Being at Trevi helped me in terms of beginning to integrate socially and staff were able to role model appropriate positive behaviour for me to emulate.

I was assisted to plan for my future and to problem solve rather than adopt my old defeatist attitudes.

Unfortunately, as I was reaching the end of my treatment, I lapsed whilst on a home visit.  Consequently, my placement was terminated and my baby made the subject of an interim care order and placed in foster care.

The day I left Trevi without my child was one of the hardest of my life, but the staff there did not stop supporting me. 

Despite being discharged, I had daily phone contact with staff who encouraged me to access local support groups and to continue to strive for my child and myself.  They also facilitated alcohol testing for me at Trevi whilst I was in the community and offered valuable pep talks when my situation seemed hopeless

My keyworker from Trevi continued providing me with therapeutic support at regular intervals and wrote progress statements to the family court as well as preparing to give evidence at the final hearing.

I believe as a staff team they went beyond their responsibilities to me and continued that support even when it looked as if I would never be reunited with my child.

Happily, I was eventually reunited with my baby and Trevi have continued to provide therapeutic support to me and to care for my child in their onsite nursery during my sessions.

I am now contentedly living drug and alcohol free in the community, working part time and enjoying being able to be fully present while my son grows up.

It is my strongly held belief that were it not for the support of Trevi, I would not have my child with me now and be able to function in society today.