Today is day 41 of 365 days of gratitude at Trevi House. We would like to say a huge thanks to the wonderful team of support workers here at Trevi House. The tireless efforts of the out of hours team can be contributed the success of the women we work alongside at Trevi House.

Weekend staff, night staff and bank workers can be likened to the cement that holds Trevi House together. There is no price that can be paid for the support that is available in the early hours of the morning when one’s body is screaming out in pain and a detox is underway. Weekends can be a lonely place when you are miles and miles away from your loved one and parenting alone, bank holidays can feel painstakingly long. Yet the difference out team support workers make to the women and children who live at Trevi House is immense. It makes a difference, they make a difference.

Thank you to our wonderful TSW Coordinator Keri who works tirelessly to cover shifts, lead her team and make every woman at Trevi House feel important, that they matter.

Thank you to Dawn who celebrates every occasion with each family here and plans everything to the greatest detail. Saturday nights would not be the same without her pamper sessions!

Thank you to Sue often called Nanny Sue, whose motherly instincts enable each woman and child to be nurtured whilst at Trevi House.

Thank you to Jemma who brings fun and laughter and Nachos to Thursday evenings.

Thank you to Juliet who supports our mums to walk in the shoes of their children and build positive lasting relationships.

Thank you to Gina whose warm soft nature allows women and children experience the wonderful quality of trust.

Thank you to Paula who builds warm relationships with all the women due to her approachable and friendly nature.

Thank you to Lynne who helps each woman feel safe, feel contained, who is able to balance nurture and structure.

Thank you to Nikki our Freedom fighter who helps each woman finds their true path.

Thank you to Hilary for her constant consideration and thoughts for each family at Trevi House.

Thank you to Teresa, who works endless waking nights, keeping a loving watchful eye on our babies.

Thank you to Jo for her ability to be adaptable, her endless stream of knowledge and the kindness she shares with both staff and residents.