Trevi Christmas Campaign

Every 16 minutes a child is taken into care in the UK.  Only 1 in 10 is reunited with their mum.

At Trevi House, we give mums the help they need to be substance free for good, and the support and empowerment to keep their child and be the best mum they can be.

Help keep a mum and child together this Christmas and give them a chance to live a happy life together.


Imagine having your baby removed from you at just 5 days old – no one giving you the chance to prove you can be a good mum.

You then have to go to court and literally fight for your baby.

For mums that are lucky - when they arrive at Trevi House they are like “rabbits in headlights”.  For others who don’t get the chance or the funding, their baby is removed with no help for mum to address the root cause of her addiction which, in many cases, is linked to trauma such as domestic abuse.  Sadly, many mums themselves were in care as a child. 

At Trevi House, mum works really hard to beat her addiction for good.  She works to address the root cause of her trauma so that she can go forward in life and be the best mum she can be.

Trevi House is the only place in the UK where mums and children can stay together whilst mum goes through rehab.  And because of this, almost 7 out of 10 children get to stay with their mum.

Meet Jasmine.  Jasmine was in Trevi House with her mum when she was 4 years old; her brother was a baby. 

Jasmine then
Jasmine then


Jasmine today
Jasmine today


“I am now the same age as my mum was when she went to Trevi and my life is completely different to hers.  I don’t have any addictive problems and I don’t have any children.  Trevi turned mum’s life around.  I understood at the time that things had been bad before but then getting to Trevi, everything was good.  I now have a degree in media arts.  Growing up would have been a lot worse if I didn’t have my mum around - I would not be as grounded and I would not have grown up with my younger brother.”


Every day Trevi House receives calls from mums desperately fighting for the chance to get help to keep their child.

We need your support to help more children like Jasmine and her mum.  Christmas is a time for families to be together, making happy memories.

Help keep a mum and child together this Christmas and give them a chance to live a happy life together.

Please make a donation today to Trevi House and help us to support more children and their mums.

How your support will make a difference:

£5 could buy a comfort blanket or soft toy for a child to love and cuddle at night

£10 could go towards a welcome pack for new mums, helping to settle them quickly into the home of Trevi so that their recovery can begin

£25 could buy a Christmas present for a child, making a memory and a smile

£50 could equip a child’s bedroom with new furnishings helping them to feel safe and happy during their time at Trevi House

£100 could help mother and child to set up home when they leave Trevi House and begin their new life, happy together


Thank You

This film was made by talented Plymouth University students: Shaniah Torres Edwards Harry-Edwards23(at), Liam Edgeworth @chessboardmedia, Tam Moyo @chessboardmedia