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Job Information

JOB TITLE: Night Team Support Worker (TSW)

RESPONSIBLE TO: Team Leader, Deputy Manager, Chief Executive Officer

RESPONSIBLE FOR: No responsibility for line management however staff may occasionally be asked to supervise volunteers

SALARY: £8.57 per hour approximately

LOCATION: Trevi House

HOURS OF WORK: Minimum of 1 shift per week with a variety of night shifts available

CONTRACT: To be discussed


JOB PURPOSE: Providing holistic and person centred support to women and their children as part of a residential rehabilitation treatment centre.

KEY RELATIONSHIPS: Internal contacts • Key worker team • Health Lead • Admin and finance team • Nursery • Cook • Cleaner External contacts • Devon Doc • Derriford Hospital • Emergency Dentist worker team • Out of hours social work teams Internal contacts • Key worker team • Health Lead • Admin and finance team • Nursery • Cook • Cleaner External contacts • Devon Doc • Derriford Hospital • Emergency Dentist worker team • Out of hours social work teams


Main Duties

  • 1. To facilitate the smooth running of the project in the evenings and at weekends
  • 2. Contribute to the growth and development of individual residents
  • 3. To contribute to the overall professional and personal development of the Trevi team, creating a positive working culture
  • 4. To administer, record and check stock levels of all medication
  • 5. To ensure Safeguarding Policies are adhered to
  • 6. To follow Trevi Policy and Procedures
  • 7. To promote and develop the aims and philosophy of Trevi House working in a way that reflects our mission statement


  • 1. The post holder to sign and adhere to Code of Conduct of Trevi House
  • 2. The post holder must be aware of relevant documentation pertaining to CQC Treatment and care
    • 1. To help create a relaxed, safe and seucre atmosphere in the evenings and on weekends.
    • 2. To develop a relationship of trust with residents to enable them to develop a sense of identity and help them gain confidence to achieve their goals as agreed in their care plan
  • 3. To encourage and promote residents to engage in child friendly activities on and off project
  • 4. To administer medications in line with Trevi Medication procedures
  • 5. To encourage residents to live together amicably and participate in activities within the house
  • 6. To agree to maintain standards and encourage participation of the residents in the services provided
  • 7. To help promote a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle
  • 8. Ensure residents fully appreciate that they retain full parental responsibility under the 1989 Children Act during their stay at Trevi House
  • 9. Ensure children of residents are provided with good care and that wishes of children, rights and needs are recognised and met
  • 10. To liaise and feedback to the Day Team with regards to any issues, concerns or development with individual residents
  • 11. To ensure the safety and security of the house and residents


  • 1. To be able to communicate respectfully and compassionately with residents and their children
  • 2. To be able to communicate effectively within the multidisciplinary team
  • 3. Participate in handover and regular staff meetings
  • 4. To participate in the use of IT, such as emails and GreenShoots Working


  • 1. To be aware of their role in communication within the MDT
  • 2. To behave in such a way as to build positive working relationships
  • 3. To document during each shift on GreenShoots
  • 4. To support new staff
  • 5. To participate in ensuring effective use of resources and reduction of wastage at Trevi House

Strategic and Service Responsibilities

  • 1. To participate in the promotion of a nurturing and caring environment
  • 2. To work within a multidisciplinary team to achieve a high standard of resident care
  • 3. To participate in the promotion of a positive environment and to act as a role model at all times
  • 4. To understand role and responsibilities in the effective prevention of infection
  • 5. The post holder may be asked to undertake occasional projects as part of the role (eg surveys, audit) as applicable


  • 1. To retain receipts for any purchases made via petty Cash
  • 2. To participate in ensuring effective use of resources, and to avoid unnecessary spending


Diversity and rights

1. Promote peoples equality, diversity and rights at all times

2. Treat others with dignity and respect at all times

3. To raise with management any concerns related to the promotion of the diversity and rights of residents of peers


  • 1. Staff and volunteers have a responsibility to maintain confidentiality at all times
  • 2. Staff and volunteers of Trevi House must not disclose any information regarding residents or their children obtained during the course of employment
  • 3. Failure to adhere to this will be regarded as serious misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action
  • 4. The Data Protection Act may render an individual liable for prosecution in the event of unauthorised disclosure of information

Trevi policies and procedures including control of infection

  • 1. To be familiar with and to comply with Trevi House policies and procedures which are available via line managers and online via the Shared Drive.
  • 2. Failure to adhere to this will be regarded as serious misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action
  • 3. To be aware of and to comply with Trevi House Infection Control policy. Infection control is everyone’s business and it is important that all staff observe good infection control practice at all times.
  • 4. Failure to adhere to this will be regarded as serious misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action

Safeguarding children

  • 1. All staff and volunteers at Trevi House have a responsibility at all times to ensure the safety and protection of children under the care of the organisation
  • 2. It is the responsibility of all staff to be aware of and to comply with Trevi House Safeguarding policy. All staff are expected to act in accordance with the practice and principles outlined in this policy. Safeguarding is everyone’s business
  • 3. Failure to adhere to this will be regarded as serious misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action

Risk Management and Health and Safety

  • 1. Support the line manager in promoting a risk management culture within the working environment, ensuring participation and involvement when requested
  • 2. Identify potential risks that may impact on the ability of Trevi House to achieve its objectives and report concerns to the line manager
  • 3. Health and Safety is the responsibility of all staff and the post holder is required to take due care at work, report any accidents or untoward occurrences and comply with the Trevi House Healthy and Safety Policy

Training and Development

  • 1. Attend mandatory training updates as required
  • 2. Undertake training as necessary in line with the development of the post and as agreed with the line manager as part of the appraisal process
  • 3. Take responsibility for identifying what leaning you need to help you to do the job to the best of your abilities
  • 4. To participate in the Trevi House appraisal process to discuss how your role will help deliver the best possible care to our residents and their children


User Involvement

  • 1. Trevi House is committed to empowering women to have a voice in the service they receive. All staff are required to take a proactive approach in supporting this objective

Data Quality

  • 1. Ensure that all notes entered into GreenShoots are of a high standard
  • 2. Ensure that accurate data is entered into all data collection systems, manual or electronic

Modernisation and Change

  • 1. To be aware of internal and external targets to achieve in terms of improving and progressing Trevi House


  • 1. The post holder will be required to embrace the concepts of sustainability within the workplace
  • 2. The post holder will be required to carry out duties in a way that ensures a high regard for energy efficiency, carbon reduction, waste management and the most appropriate use of resources.

This job description is an outline of the role and responsibilities. From time to time due to the needs of the service, we may ask to flexibly undertake other duties.

Knowledge and Skills Required - essential

• Non judgemental approach to drug and alcohol use

• Enthusiastic and solution focussed approach 

• Familiarity and / or confidence to work with children aged 0 – 8 years

• To problem solve effectively and use own initiative

• Ability to listen empathically to residents

• Ability to help residents to problem solve / find solutions

• Willingness to ask for help if unsure in a situation

• Willingness to participate in supervision and reflect upon own learning / development

• Ability to work as part of a busy team

• Flexibility and adaptability

• Ability to maintain clear professional boundaries

• Understanding of safeguarding issues and ability to respond appropriately to any concerns. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• To understand the importance of, and be committed to, equality of opportunity and diversity

• To understand the importance of confidentiality in this area of work

• To have a flexible approach to work