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Criminal Justice Outreach Support Worker


Criminal Justice Outreach Support Worker

Women in the criminal justice system report being ‘lost’ in a confusing system that does little to encourage them to access services. Devon and Cornwall Women’s Alliance Outreach Support Service Project is a trauma responsive outreach provision. This model enables women to overcome barriers, including rural isolation.

The overarching aims of the project are:

1. To connect and coordinate support offers across Devon and Cornwall for women in or on the cusp of the Criminal Justice System (CJS) who, in particular, have current or historical experience of domestic abuse, to improve access to information, guidance and support, ensure achievement of outcome goals and that recovery capability is maximised.

2. To provide additional, trauma responsive, specialist outreach resources across our wide geographical reach to assist women in more rural areas to access support, sustain behaviour change and move forward to address their needs so the likelihood of offending or reoffending is reduced.

The purpose of the project is:

• Provide an access point for women in contact with the justice system to access support for their recovery journeys.

• Ensure women have access to services they might need within the geographical region.

• Participate in learning for service improvement relationships via quarterly Action Research Group, team meetings and Stewardship group.

• Implement recommendations locally.

• Be responsible for data collection and will support the evaluation lead (Co-Lab, Alliance Lead) in data collection, analysis and reporting.

• Be responsible for participating in joint efforts to secure future sustainability through participation in Alliance conversations and bid writing.

• Women’s Centre Cornwall will be taking the lead for development of trauma informed/responsive practice development across the geography.

The specialist Outreach Support Workers will:

• Provide intensive trauma responsive support to women with multiple complex needs and vulnerabilities, who have struggled to access services they need, to help increase resilience and recovery.

• Provide interventions to address need and tackle issues which underpin their offending, to include the 9 Pathways of need such as substance misuse, debt, housing, mental health, employment etc.

• Support each woman to identify her needs and services/activities available to her; enable her to access these services through the provision of practical help via referral, travel and emotional support and link her to local support networks.

• Identify gaps and barriers in the system to inform future commissioning and or resolution.

• Lead on developing skills in emotional resilience, management and pro-social identity.

• Emphasis on domestic abuse and support with healthy relationships; the model will be embedded within a whole-system-approach.

Closing date: 10th December

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Candidate Requirements



  • Full driving licence (willing to use own transport)

Highly Desirable:

  • Relevant degree or recognised professional qualification in social care or related field.
  • Counselling and/or Group Work qualification




  • Previous experience of working with women with multiple complex needs and/or women who have offended and/or survivors of domestic abuse/sexual violence
  • Previous experience of working in a women-only setting
  • Professional experience of the work of the criminal/civil justice and/or health systems.

Highly Desirable:

  • Experience of safe lone working processes
  • Experience of managing and prioritising own case loads
  • Experience of monitoring and evaluation process including data collection




  • Excellent literacy and administrative skills including report writing.
  • and record keeping
  • Pro-active and confident communicator with excellent inter-personal and communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Knowledge and willingness to subscribe to a trauma -informed method of working
  • Comprehensive understanding of the key issues facing women in society, especially those with mental health, criminogenic behaviours and/or substance misuse
  • An understanding of risk assessment, safety planning and risk management
  • Understanding of confidentiality issues in this area of work
  • Understanding of safeguarding issues and legal responsibilities.

Highly Desirable:

  • Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System and how it impacts on women who offend
  • Knowledge of the impacts of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence on women and children


Personal Attributes


  • Passionate about women’s issues
  • To be able to work as part of a team to develop and establish a new project
  • Non-judgemental approach to drug and alcohol use and other anti-social behaviour
  • Commitment to, and understanding of, equality and diversity issues and anti-discriminatory practice
  • Ability to work on own initiative and prioritise workload
  • Ability to maintain personal and professional boundaries
  • Ability to be empathetic and compassionate
  • Ability to self-evaluate and reflect on practice
  • Ability to cope in stressful situations

Highly Desirable:


Job Information


Criminal Justice Outreach Support Worker
(2 posts: Torbay and Plymouth)


Strategic Lead



£23,500 pro rata


Sunflower Women’s Centre


21 hours a week
Days to be agreed and worked flexibly Mon – Sat; 3 hours to be worked over the weekend on a rota basis  


Contract until March 2020, with extension subject to funding.


Enhanced DBS



To be proactive in providing an access point for women caught in the criminal justice system.  To work from a trauma-informed stance offering support, guidance as well as practical and emotional interventions to break the cycle of offending and facilitate positive move-on into fulfilling and offending-free lives.









Internal contacts

  • Strategic Lead
  • Sunflower Support Workers
  • Pause Practitioners
  • Counselling team
  • Co-located partners
  • Support workers (Trevi House)
  • Finance team (Trevi House)

External contacts

  • Devon & Cornwall Women’s Alliance partners: Women’s Centre Cornwall; Resilient Women, Colab, Exeter
  • Probation NPS and CRC
  • OPCC
  • Police
  • Cass Plus (Courts)
  • Liaison and Diversion Team
  • Pathfinder
  • Shekinah
  • Plymouth Refuge
  • Hamoaze House
  • Harbour
  • PATH
  • Local Housing providers
  • First Light
  • PDA



Main Duties:

  • To make links and build partnerships with organisations working with women involved in the CJS.
  • To create a network of support, so that women have a multitude of opportunities to begin and continue their journey of recovery (in its broadest sense), heal, grow and thrive.
  • To be flexible and creative, individually tailoring interventions to ensure the best outcome for each woman.
  • To ensure that those women located in more rural areas are receiving the best support possible; link into local networks.
  • To support women in exploring healthy relationships, supporting them to access to programmes and DA support where necessary.
  • To identify areas of need, devise a joint-plan to address those needs and link into relevant services and programmes.
  • To identify and remove barriers to accessing provision. Eg. Childcare, DA, transportation, substance abuse, homelessness.
  • To support women to achieve financial stability; support with accessing debt support, Benefits’ support, bursaries etc. To provide ongoing budgeting support.
  • To work alongside Sunflower team in achieving the best outcome for each woman.
  • To work alongside the Peer Mentors on site to offer out-of-hours support where and when necessary.
  • To support women in making healthy social connections and build a social network.
  • To collect data and information in accordance with the Evaluation Lead’s schedule.
  • To support women in accessing therapeutic training programmes and on-site counselling provision
  • To offer one-to-one support with a variety of practical and emotional issues.
  • To subscribe to working within a Trauma Informed remit; to contribute to a Trauma Informed environment.
  • To follow Trevi House and Sunflower-specific Policy and Procedures.
  • To promote and develop the aims and philosophy of Trevi House and Sunflower, working in a way that reflects our mission statements.



The post holder to sign and adhere to Code of Conduct of Trevi House and Sunflower.

The post holder must be aware of relevant Adult and Children Safeguarding legislation.


Quality of Care

To help create and promote an ethos whereby women are empowered to make positive choices and plans for a healthier future.

To develop a relationship of trust with women to enable them to develop a sense of identity and help them gain confidence to achieve their goals.

To liaise and feedback to the wider teams at Sunflower and in some instances with Trevi House with regards to any issues, concerns or development with individual women, particularly relating to issues around parenting.

To ensure that the women supported are treated with respect and dignity at all times.

To ensure the women supported are involved in developing the project through consultation and feedback.



To be able to communicate respectfully and compassionately with women and their children.

To be able to communicate well with partner agencies and colleagues.

Ability to communicate passionately and effectively about the different issues affecting women in society.

Participate in handover and staff meetings.

To be able to produce coherent verbal and written reports and case notes.

To participate in the use of IT, such as emails and data-collection mechanisms.


Working Relationships

To behave in such a way as to build positive working relationships between service users and staff.

To build effective working relationships between the staff and service users of Sunflower, Trevi House and other partner agencies.

To build working relationships within the local community.


Strategic and Service Responsibilities

To participate in the promotion of a trauma informed, nurturing and empowering environment.

To work within a multidisciplinary team to achieve a high standard of care.

To participate in the promotion of a positive environment and to act as a role model to service users at all times.

To contribute to the day-to-day running of the Sunflower Women’s Centre.



To demonstrate good stewardship by retaining receipts for any purchases made via petty cash and adhering to petty cash systems

To produce a monthly evidenced expenses form

To report to the Strategic Lead regarding financial activity

To work alongside Trevi House Finance team

To participate in ensuring effective use of resources, and to avoid unnecessary spending



Diversity and rights

Promote women’s equality, diversity and rights at all times

Treat others with dignity and respect at all times

To raise with management any concerns related to the promotion of the diversity and rights of service users or peers



To maintain confidentiality at all times

To not disclose any information regarding service users or their children obtained during the course of employment

Failure to adhere to this will be regarded as serious misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action

To ensure safe storage of service user information

The GDPR Data Protection Act may render an individual liable for prosecution in the event of unauthorised disclosure of information


Trevi House and Sunflower policies and procedures

To be familiar with and to comply with Trevi House and Sunflower policies and procedures which are available at The Sunflower Women’s Centre and on the Shared Drive.

Failure to adhere to this will be regarded as serious misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action.


Safeguarding children

Some of the women we work with have children, and all staff have a responsibility and duty of care to ensure the safety and protection of children. It is the postholder’s responsibility to report any safeguarding concerns to the designated Safeguarding Officer and follow procedure.

It is the responsibility of all staff to be aware of and to comply with Trevi House and Sunflower’s Safeguarding policy. All staff are expected to act in accordance with the practice and principles outlined in this policy. Safeguarding is everyone’s business

Failure to adhere to this will be regarded as serious misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action.


Risk Management and Health and Safety

Support the Strategic Lead in promoting a risk management culture within the working environment, ensuring participation and involvement when requested

Identify potential risks that may impact on the ability of Sunflower to achieve its objectives and report concerns to the Strategic Lead.

Health and Safety is the responsibility of all staff and the post holder is required to take due care at work, report any accidents or untoward occurrences and comply with the Trevi House and Sunflower Health and Safety Policy.


Training and Development

Attend mandatory training updates as required.

Undertake training as necessary in line with the development of the post and as agreed with the Strategic Lead as part of the appraisal process.

Take responsibility for identifying what leaning is needed.

To participate in the Trevi House/Sunflower appraisal process to discuss how your role will help deliver the best possible care to service users.

To subscribe to reflective practice and participate in monthly group clinical supervisions and action learning sets.


Service User Involvement

Sunflower Women’s Centre and Trevi House are committed to empowering women to have a voice in the service they receive. All staff are required to take a proactive approach in supporting this objective.


Data Quality

Ensure that all data and case notes entered into data capture systems are of a high standard.


Modernisation and Change

To be aware of internal and external targets to achieve in terms of improving and progressing the work of the Sunflower Women’s Centre and Trevi House.



The post holder will be required to embrace the concepts of sustainability within the workplace.

The post holder will be required to carry out duties in a way that ensures a high regard for energy efficiency, carbon reduction, waste management and the most appropriate use of resources.


This job description is an outline of the role and responsibilities. From time to time due to the needs of the service, we may ask to flexibly undertake other duties.