Referral Forms

Referral Process Referral / Assessment

To refer a client to Trevi House, please complete our Referral Form:


The case will be allocated to a member of the key worker team who will arrange an assessment here at Trevi.

As part of that assessment, the client will be shown around the project and be able to meet with staff / other residents.

The assessment will be discussed with the team and if a placement is agreed, a provisional admission date will be decided.

Confirmation of Funding / Financial Assessment

Prior to admitting any new residents, Trevi will need written confirmation of funding from both the funders for the adult and the child. We will also need to have a copy of the Financial Assessment, or confirmation as to what the residents’ contribution is expected to be.


Potential residents will receive a letter that outlines what they need to bring with them. A time and date will be arranged for admission. Admissions take place Mon, Tues and Wed.