Why Choose Us

Trevi House has 24 years’ experience of keeping women and children safe.

We are experienced in working with families at various stages of child care proceedings.

We know that each family is different and we will tailor our care to meet your needs.

We provide:

  • Good quality accommodation – half of our rooms are en suite
  • Secure premises with video phone entry and external CCTV
  • Multiple interventions under one roof
  • Detox from alcohol, methadone, subutex and diazepam
  • Therapeutic groupwork programme
  • Regular drug and alcohol screening
  • Specialist on site nursery
  • Thrive assessment for child
  • Named Specialist midwife and Health visitor
  • Reports for professionals / court
  • Help in finding a new safe home
  • Story work preparing children for onward transitions
  • Comprehensive free aftercare service